Exhibition Research/Social Practice as Curator/Director
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Bilderatlas Mnemosyne, Warburg Institute (digital / Online)
Digital Aesthetics, C4RD, London


Verknüpfungszwang, Warburg Institute, London
Crisis, Rescue and Renewal, Warburg Institute
Rhythm and Depiction, C4RD, London
Sebastiao Lopes, C4RD, London
Declan Jenkins, C4RD, London
Thomas Dowse, C4RD, London
Suspended Fruit, C4RD, London
Josh Armitage, C4RD, London


Tangled in the Brambles C4RD
Boomerang C4RD, London
Jamie Jenkinson: Optical Works,C4RD, London
Rosy Fingers C4RD, London
Collaboration C4RD, London
White Noise C4RD, London
Contact C4RD, London
Alligators in the Hall C4RD, London


19 Days of Drawing C4RD, London
Regine Bartsch C4RD, London
Max Heale: Collage C4RD, London
Surviving the Savage Sea C4RD, London
Travelling Light C4RD, London
Site Related C4RD, London
Play/Draw C4RD, London
George Charman C4RD, London
Kindersley/Foxhall C4RD, London
Christmas Spectacular C4RD, London


Ancient Earth, Opened Ground, C4RD, London
Joan Edlis, C4RD, London
Studio Notes, C4RD, London
Thinking Through Outline, C4RD
Rhythm/Presence, C4RD, London
Virginia Verran, C4RD, London
Orlando Campbell C4RD, London
Trazo Sacro – Drawing from Mexico, C4RD 


Score and Script, C4RD, London           
45, C4RD, London           
Jubilee, C4RD, London
Hanging by a Thread, C4RD, London
Double Takes, C4RD, London           
A Working Trace, C4RD, London
Tom De Freston: Golem, C4RD 
258x333x64mm, C4RD, London          
gest*, C4RD, London           
the Thule, C4RD, London


LONDON/BERLIN Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawing, Berlin
Animated Drawing, C4RD, London      
bob and roberta smith, C4RD, London
Terminal – Claire Morgan, C4RD
Julio Lopez Tornel, C4RD, London
45, C4RD, London           
Beta, C4RD, London
Let my Eyes be your Mirror C4RD,
Escenarios Atípicos, C4RD, London
The Invention of Painting, C4RD 
Silent Night, C4RD, London
William Corwin – lookinglike, C4RD,


Paul Bench – Drawing a Collection, C4RD
Deliberations from a Collector, C4RD,
Alex Gough: Works in Progress, C4RD,
Marco Cali – Tiger Bay, C4RD, London
AS: in residence, C4RD, London
Nick and Phil Goss, C4RD, London
Shane Waltener, C4RD, London
Mary Yacoob, C4RD, London
Hand Joy, C4RD, London
Sarah Lederman C4RD
Stay Lucky!, C4RD, London
Virginia Neild – Inspired by Dance, C4RD
Daphne Warburg Astor – Diary Drawings, C4RD
Regine Bartsch: Auseinandersezung, C4RD


Thomas Mueller, C4RD, London
fourdayslong, C4RD, London
Hopscotch, C4RD, London
John Walker, C4RD, London
Massimo Franco, C4RD, London
Joel Fisher – Apographs, C4RD,
Jamie Foubert – Sketchbooks, C4RD,
Nick Fox – Phantasieblume, C4RD,
Shibui, C4RD, London
Raphael Pepper, C4RD, London
MaryClare Foa – November Score, C4RD
Abandoned by a Third Dimension, C4RD
Marga Steinwasser – Subterannea,C4RD
Joe Graham – Scratch/Itch, C4RD,
Unextinguished, C4RD, London
Jane Grisewood: Marking Time Drawing, C4RD
Lucinda Holmes, C4RD, London
Jordan McKenzie: From One to Another, C4RD,
Victor Timofeev, C4RD, London
Stephan Weitzel – WeddingCards, C4RD


Edition 1, C4RD, London
Drawing Journeys, C4RD, London
Alex Gough – Metsassa, C4RD, London
Diary Drawings, C4RD, London
Mia Pearlman and Gareth Bell-Jones,C4RD
Drawing Under Construction, C4RD,
Drawings from the SPAB, C4RD 
Jordan McKenzie – Spent, C4RD  Aquarium, C4RD, London
Launch!, C4RD, London


Lowerarchy, C4RD, London
Gordon Shrigley, C4RD, London
Harem – Adam de la Cour, C4RD,         
Repellent, C4RD, London
Rachel Cattle – True Love, C4RD
Formula, C4RD, London
Deanna Sirlin – Circling, C4RD, London


Drawn Out, C4RD, London
After Michelangelo, C4RD, London
Deborah Harty – Daylight and Dust, C4RD
Ben Senior – Bestiary, C4RD, London
Dirk Krecker – Drawing Series, C4RD,
Sam Orlando Miller, C4RD, London
Jeni Burnell, C4RD, London


Nicholas Jones – Mellow Fruitfulness, C4RD
Charlie Cobb, C4RD, London
Ann Dowker – Strange Children, C4RD,
Drawing on Each Other, C4RD         
The Landscape of Memory, C4RD,
Abrupt, C4RD, London


Pip Seymour – The Ledge, C4RD