Andrew Hewish is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and the London Consortium who lives and works in London.
interdependent relations | painting and experience
contingencies of the studio | the interjections of the world
adrift, lyrical, resistant poetics
indeterminacy | immanence

‘A Little Closer’, curated by Andrew Hewish, brings together a variety of artists working in painting and sculpture.
These artists demonstrate the vitality of current practice in a thread that takes us to
Paul Klee’s project and his epitaph: “slightly closer to the heart of creation than usual.
But not nearly close enough”. The works in this exhibition are infused with visual invention,
a sense of the importance of human action and creation, a joy in seeing, and a delight
with that which is felt on the edge of seeing.

Aleph Contemporary presents three artists whose works on paper represent a variety of approaches
to making, which range across material experimentation, process, chance, and action. Material is
dragged, cut, spread, glued, and lined. Each acts quite differently on the viewer, producing
scattered perspectival fragments as visual spectacle, colour fields of experience and embodiment
and as paradigms of living within and aside nature.

Aleph Contemporary’s exhibition Field Notes explores resonances across the work of artists
Anna van Oosterom, Jacopo Dal Bello and Andrew Hewish. Field notes are observations recorded ‘in the field’.
These works are soundings of our times, they plunder sources using the language of collage to produce a
collage of languages - written and visual. They produce for the viewer a world that is open and intriguing
- from conversations overheard on the subway, text sliced from grand musings, glyphs and numbers dropped out
of the everyday, marks from the masters and bits of canvas sewn together.